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  • Public photo of Thompson Rivers University's Brown Family House of Learning in Kamloops

    Analyzing 30,000 Student Course Evaluations to Inform Curricular Redesign

    Thompson Rivers University (TRU) redesigned their course evaluation survey and wished to identify key takeaways from the original surveys as part of the sun-setting process. Kai Analytics was tasked with analyzing 33,722 raw-comments from stakeholders.

  • Founder and CEO, Kevin Chang, on a virtual panel at the G20 YEA Summit in Saudi Arabia.

    G20 YEA Global Survey Report: How are young entrepreneurs facing COVID-19?

    Kai Analytics worked together with G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) to discover the issues young entrepreneurs around the world are facing and how their businesses are faring.

  • Photo of Campus building

    Understanding campus climate through open-ended surveys

    Kai Analytics partnered with a liberal arts college to analyze the open-ended responses from their campus climate survey to understand diversity issues on their campus.

  • Photo of a rural coffee farm in Atok, Philippines during a site visit for the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada APEC-Canada research

    Surveys through Social Media. Tackling the Real Challenges of Philippine Coffee Farmers

    Kai Analytics partnered with Scott Tupper of and Carmel Laurino and Lacy Audry of Kalsada Coffee to understand the pain points of Rural Philippine Coffee farmers, and how blockchain traceability technology can ease these challenges and ensure a supply chain that compensates all members fairly.

  • Photo of University Building

    Reducing the Rate of Student Attrition at Bastyr University

    Bastyr University, one of the leading schools of naturopathic medicine in the United States, wanted to identify what was causing lower student satisfaction scores, and thus engagement, at their campuses. So they turned to Kai Analytics to quantify their student satisfaction surveys in a way that was faster, more intuitive and minimized bias.

  • Graphic by Kai Analytics displaying group sentiment

    Improving TechSmith’s Snagit by Leveraging Customer Feedback

    Kai Analytics reviewed Snagit’s customer comments to make recommendations on how to improve customer experience in the next version of the software.

  • Photo of floating staircase

    Alumni Success Surveys for The Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges

    Kai Analytics oversaw AANMC’s 2020 Graduate Success and Compensation Study and turned their success into a visually compelling narrative.

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