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Improving Experiences with Employee Engagement Surveys

Boosting employee engagement is an important part of running a successful workplace. Listening to employee voices provides an incredible opportunity to increase motivation and satisfaction, leading to better employee well-being and higher productivity. We’ve worked with a number of organizations to optimize their employee engagement surveys and achieve a thriving workplace culture. Our work has covered numerous sectors and industries, including higher education, government, non-profit, and the private sector.  

What We Do

We work with each organization’s team to craft the questionnaire, disseminate the survey to employees with thoughtful communications, and analyze and report the results in an interactive PowerBI Dashboard. 



Design custom questionnaires to meet the unique needs of each organization, including considering industry-specific concerns.

Analyze and compare-03.png

Analyze the data and compare against industry benchmarks. 


Report the results in an interactive dashboard with role-level security.

3 Key Insights

Customization to Sector


While employee engagement may have a stronger emphasis in some industries than others, it is relevant to every kind of business or organization with employees. We take a tailored approach to our methods to ensure the survey meets the needs of each client. This includes: 

  • Higher Education: We understand the nuances between segments like staff and faculty and will create a survey that addresses the unique concerns of both groups.  

  • Government and Non-Profit: As equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) and transparency become more important, we can help our clients create a safe environment for their employees.  

  • Private Sector: Retaining talent is paramount to stay ahead of the competition, and our approach carefully assesses employee sentiment to keep them engaged.

Relevant Benchmarks

Sometimes it isn’t enough to measure employee engagement: comparison, both internally and externally, can help an organization know where it stands in terms of work environment. We can research and obtain relevant benchmarks on employee engagement for our client’s industry and guide the interpretation of any discrepancy.


We can conduct a trend analysis against internal benchmarks to understand how the organization has changed over time, and if the organization does not have any past data, we can provide our recommendations for designing the survey to serve as a baseline for the future.


Segmented Reporting

Our PowerBI dashboards provide users with the ability to drill down into the results to fully understand the data and what it means for their organization. Our graphs and charts are creative with the aim of being user-friendly and interactive to deeply engage the user. The dashboards can integrate with role-level security so users can only see the data that is relevant to their unit. We pay close attention to anonymity—segments with fewer than 10 respondents are automatically masked so that no individual can be identified. This allows organizations to understand different populations with marginalized identities and the issues affecting them while protecting their anonymity. This is incredibly important for helping organizations grow in their response to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI).

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