Our Story

Delivering insights and sharing our vision to all our clients around the world.

​Ever since Kai Analytics was founded in 2017, our goal has remained the same: leverage natural language processing technologies to make qualitative research a breeze.

We bring you a hand-crafted analysis of your customer feedback to create a stellar customer experience. Our process is personalized and is tailored to what matters most in your organization.

Core Values


We don’t just summarize results from your data, we tell you the story behind it.


We deliver end-to-end services — from survey design and analysis to reporting. 


We use software to improve our efficiency, but our analysis is always made by a human. 

Unique Method

With the help of our custom-made qualitative data analysis platform, Unigrams, we can quickly and efficiently sort your data. We then analyze it and present it in the most approachable way possible so you can use your data intelligently. 

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Commitment to Diversity

Kai Analytics is committed to having a team that reflects the communities in which we live and work, and is an equal opportunity employer. In fact, diversity is what drives our success – it’s at the core of how we hire, communicate, and work. We also support the Government of Canada Youth Employment and Skills Strategy and are an employer of the Digital Skills for Youth Program. We are proud to say that our diversity and inclusion initiative is that no job-hiring process will end until a minority candidate is interviewed.   

Interested in joining our team? Check out our open job listings below!

Meet Our Team

We are an agile and growing team of individuals that believe there is a better way of doing survey research and qualitative data analysis. We are a diverse team of data scientists, designers and digital marketers that collaborate to bring Kai Analytics to you.

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Kevin is the founder and CEO of Kai Analytics and he has more than a decade of experience in market research and higher education. His work with survey and qualitative data research inspired him to share the science of natural language processing and make qualitative data analysis more accessible.

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Adriana graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her main responsibilities include creating creative content for marketing and social media. She is an avid painter and is fluent in Spanish.

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Colin got his Masters degree in Economics from the University of Waterloo, and he is an analytical and methodical thinker. Colin enjoys problem solving and he has been the driving force behind optimizing Kai Analytics' new qualitative analysis software, Unigrams.

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Tal is a full-stack developer with over 20 years of experience. He is an avid cyclist and is planning to bike all around Japan once the pandemic is behind us. He is fluent in Japanese and Hebrew.

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Mackenzie will soon graduate from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in International Business. Mackenzie supports our desk research as well as the survey administration and monitoring.

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Cole's degree focuses on general programing fundamentals, but he discovered web development and has been pursuing a career in that industry ever since. Cole also enjoys cooking and playing video games with his friends.

Meet Our Advisors

In addition to our core, we are also incredibly grateful to work with a team of advisors from the US and Canada. They come from diverse backgrounds and together they have 50+ years of experience.

Advisors | Kai Analytics

Shakir Karim

Product Manager with 20+years of experience in the Silicon Valley

Advisors | Kai Analytics

Dr. Mac Powell

3X University President: Bastyr University, JFK University, West Med College

Advisors | Kai Analytics

Hisako Takahashi

JD, Associate at McMillan Dubo Law Group

Advisors | Kai Analytics

Dr. Jenn Weaver

Associate Director for
University Teaching at Caltech

Advisors | Kai Analytics

Dr. Miikka Silferberg

Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of British Columbia

The Bottom Line

We help our clients achieve success by applying insider industry expertise and personal connection to turn words into real, meaningful actions.  It takes more than intelligent analysis and problem-solving. Listening requires human insight.

We can’t wait to meet your community and join the conversation.

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