I’m the founder and principal consultant who leverages machine learning processes to make text analysis a breeze. Then, I bring you hand-crafted analysis to help create a stellar customer experience. My process is based on listening to what matters most in your organization.

My Core Principles

I partner with the world’s leading organizations to uncover the vibrant human narratives hidden in their data. In every project, my work is informed by three core principles: 


  1. Effective data storytelling can make data engaging! 

  2. I’ve got your back with end-to-end design, analysis and reporting.

  3. I’m a real person, not software. 


The way I work is important to your success because every data set represents a group of beating hearts: real people who have given us the honor of hearing what matters to them. It’s a responsibility to turn that information into excellent service that your organization provides better than anyone else.


From billion dollar companies to educational communities, in analyzing stakeholder feedback I am focused on listening to the space between keywords for actionable insights.

My Method

Whether it’s, surveys, focus groups, or interview transcripts--no matter what data you have, let’s turn it into a clear roadmap for action. I’m here to carefully decipher and translate information into a clear path forward when you:


  • Need to prioritize resources

  • Want to achieve a consensus on strategy

  • Are looking to understand which way your community wants to go

  • Need to gauge perception and the impact of major events.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we humans love being understood by each other. The best way to do that is to leverage machines for processing, but not depend on them exclusively for analysis.


A major key to success for my clients is applying insider industry expertise and personal connection to turn words into meaningful actions.  It takes more than intelligent analysis and problem solving. Listening requires human insight.


I can’t wait to meet your community and join the conversation.

Kevin Chang, MSc

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