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Natural Language Processing Workshop


Kai Analytics is now offering an NLP workshop to help you and your business discover and harness the power of your stakeholders’ voices. 

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What is natural language processing (NLP)?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is concerned with uncovering the nuance and context that everyday language provides us. Through NLP, we can understand and uncover underlying sentiments and personas within your client and stakeholder base. NLP has the power to optimize your approach to qualitative research, and we would be happy to ensure you and your team are fully informed on everything involved in using this amazing resource.  

Want to learn more about NLP? 

Our NLP workshop covers all aspects of NLP and our customizable modules make it suited to a variety of learners. We can tailor our approach depending on your data sets, host Q+A sessions, and, as experts in the field, we have a wealth of knowledge to share! Join us to understand the secrets and benefits of using NLP to understand sentiment, transforming your relationship with your clients and stakeholders. 

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We recommend registrants have prior experience with Python and have a Google account in order to access the notebooks we use in the workshop.

Our Workshops
  1. Full-Day 6-hour Workshop  

  2. Two Workshops (2 hrs + 4 hrs) 


Discount pricing is available for higher education and non-profit organizations. 

Note: While we endeavour to accommodate all requests, our NLP workshops are subject to capacity. Should you be interested in attending, connect with us as early as possible! 

What We Cover


Learn about NLP principles, as well as specific tools and Python libraries. Our workshop provides you with Python notebooks that show and explain common NLP libraries like NLTK and SpaCy. 


Understand the processing done by these models, and what we can learn from the parts of speech, entity recognition, and lemmatization of your data. 


The workshop also includes topic estimation models, which can be used to quickly group and understand the themes of your data. 


Included in the workshop are interactive Python notebooks for you to try, follow along, and experiment with NLP at your own pace. This code is both intuitive enough for you to learn from, while being practical enough for real-world applications.

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Kevin Chang

My name is Kevin and I am the founder and CEO of Kai Analytics. Before starting my own practice, I led institutional research at a number of institutions and also served on the reaffirmation team for WSCUC. My work with survey and qualitative data research inspired me to share the science of natural language processing with the research and planning community.

Colin Wallace

I’m Colin Wallace, a Data Analyst and developer at Kai Analytics. I have experience with one-on-one tutoring and instructing classes. My background in Arts and Economics, combined with my interest in data analysis, puts me in a unique position to help design intuitive and effective NLP solutions.


The best online webinar I ever had.

Kevin and his team ran the NLP workshop with Python. It was the best online webinar I ever had. Kevin provided all the materials I need to conduct text analysis by myself including python scripts, technical support, and he even offered follow up sessions in case I needed assistance. He tailored the webinar materials to meet my needs and provided clear explanations when needed. His team is also professional and knowledgeable. They introduced an advance text analysis technique with simple and clear explanations to help me understand complicated steps. The quality of webinar was beyond my expectation. Highly recommended.

Chieko Seto

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