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Qualitative Analysis

Balancing the Art & Science
of Human Insight

Kai Analytics conducts text analysis using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. NLP is an umbrella term for text analysis that describes a systematic process of breaking down human thoughts into a format the computer can understand. Simply put, NLP is a smarter way of quantifying words which allows us to analyze qualitative data quickly and efficiently.   

Key Features

Thematic Extraction

Our custom-built models effectively categorize customer feedback responses into

actionable themes.

Sentiment Analysis

Quantify the qualitative. We breakdown raw comments into a measurable polarity between 0 (dislike) and 100 (love).


Customer segments often yield important differences. We cross-compare results across social-demographic customer profiles.

Want To Learn More?


Consider downloading our Beginners Guide to Qualitative Data Analysis, which will provide you with tips on how to analyze open-ended questions on your survey!

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