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Balancing the Art & Science of Human Insight | Kai Analytics

Balancing the Art & Science
of Human Insight

Kai Analytics conducts text analysis using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. NLP is an umbrella term for text analysis that describes a systematic process of breaking down human thoughts into a format the computer can understand. Simply put, NLP is a smarter way of quantifying words which allows us to analyze qualitative data quickly and efficiently.   

Key Features

Thematic Extraction
Thematic Extraction

Our custom-built models effectively categorize customer feedback responses into

actionable themes.

Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment Analysis

Quantify the qualitative. We breakdown raw comments into a measurable polarity between 0 (dislike) and 100 (love).


Customer segments often yield important differences. We cross-compare results across social-demographic customer profiles.


5 Text Analysis Buzzwords for Market Research

There are now broad applications of NLP that include the way search engines process data to understand our questions, to customer support chatbots, and voice activated assistants. Learn more about NLP's role in market research.

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