We're with you every step of the survey process, from design, to deployment, to analysis.

Survey Research

Valid and reliable survey research takes more than just putting together a set of likert-scale questions. It takes half the time to design and properly implement a survey then another half to analyze and interpret the results. On top of all this, you now have to pay attention to regulations around the collection and privacy around survey data. All this is time lost when you should be focused on learning which areas your company excels in and where there is a potential for concern. Let us take care of the whole survey process, we'll even analyze all the open-ended responses with our in-house text analysis!

We can build you reliable and validated surveys using all major tools on the market: Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Typeform, SurveyGizmo, and more! Read how to automate your routine surveys and even download our free Python package here, "Automating Surveys with Python, Qualtrics API and Windows Task Scheduler."

Discrete Choice

We use methods like discrete choice experiments or conjoint analysis to measure the ideal product features most likely to maximize customer adaptation.

Customer Satisfaction

Whether it's student satisfaction, employee engagement, or user feedback, we'll find the best way to survey your audience --including measuring your NPS scores.

Message Testing

Your messaging needs to resonate with your customer. We test your message by finding your specified buyer persona in over 100 countries.

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