We love data of all sizes. Whether it's a single response or a ream of excel files, we will aggregate it all.

We are platform agnostic.

Data Automation

They say that 60% to 80% of research is spent on data processing. Fortunately, it's what we love. With domain knowledge across different sectors from education, to healthcare, to agricultural supply chains, it means we know where to search and query your information. When paired with our survey process, the responses collected can be integrated with your customer information for segmentation analysis.

We'll do the sleeve rolling and get your data in a ready-to-use format so it can be visualized into actionable insights. 

CSV and Excel Files

We've been using excel since the days of 'Clippy', the grandparent of digital assistants. So we're pretty good at aggregating reams of excel files.


We can work with notes and transcriptions from interviews or focus groups. We turn the text into 'byte-sized' data and then crunch them with our text analysis processes.

SQL Databases

We're fluent in SQL and cloud-based databases. We can integrate disparate systems and web APIs to automate processes.

Metal Pipe Network

Third-Party APIs

Need to integrate data between multiple applications or platforms? We can help you set up REST web services with OAuth 2.0 

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