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VOL. 11

We're hosting a free workshop on qualitative analysis for the upcoming CAIR conference, and have also worked with the UN to create an interactive dashboard. Click below to learn more about our recent updates!

Advancements in NLP

Advancements in NLP

VOL. 8

Two exciting new blogs were released, the first blog showing how to tag open-ended comments from your survey responses, and the second blog exploring the future of AI in the legal industry.

VOL. 5

In this issue you will find a thorough guide explaining natural language processing and an introduction to our new qualitative data analysis platform Unigrams

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VOL. 2

With the school year starting, we share benefits of text analysis in a virtual class setting, survey results on the approaches to text analysis in higher education, and more!

VOL. 10

Unigrams' new update was featured in a recent lightning talk, where we introduced you to Unigrams and showed off some of our favourite features. Keep following the newsletter to stay up to date on what we're up to.

Data on a Touch Pad
VOL. 7

In July, we wrote a blog post on data visualization strategies and how qualitative analysis can transform student course reviews into action plans.

Filling Out a Form
VOL. 4

In this issue you will find an article on designing ethically and culturally sensitive surveys, and a chance to voice your opinion. 

Kai Analytics 3rd Anniversary
VOL. 9

CEO Kevin "Kai" Change shares his reflections on the turbulent year that 2020 was, expresses his gratitude, and imparts some words of wisdom for the upcoming year. We also published a new case study with GCA.

Programming Console
VOL. 6

Summer is just around the corner, and it looks like it is going to be a busy time for Kai Analytics. We’ve got events to attend, blogs to share, and data to analyze!

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VOL. 3

A Bag of Words is back and we published a new case study about NLP & a new blog post where we guide you through the full process of creating an employee engagement survey.

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