Kai Analytics helps educational institutions understand the demands of their students, the concerns of their faculty, and the climate of their campus using custom text mining. 

Learn how text analysis helped other institutions.

Typically, clients of Kai Analytics: 


Save employees thousands of hours of menial text tagging analysis work


Increase student/staff/alumni satisfaction ratings


Win buy-in for new initiatives backed by survey data

How can Kai Analytics help my institution?

Address Student Learning Demands

Online course evaluations, student assessments, and student satisfaction surveys can produce an overwhelming amount of  open-ended response data.


When educational institutions allow their open-ended data to remain untapped, they risk losing the solutions to important challenges. 


At Kai Analytics we tackle huge qualitative text mining projects using statistical methods that saves your organization time and resources.


We can help organize your data in a way that brings solutions to the forefront. 

Plan for the Future

Whether you are developing institutional restructuring or working to create a 10-year strategy, Kai Analytics makes it easy to transform stakeholder and faculty ideas into action.


Clear the way for simpler decision-making with Impartial third-party insights.

Monitor Campus Climate

Our system helps institutions foster a culture of continuous improvement. 


Whether you’re rolling out a staff and faculty engagement survey or conducting a town hall, effectively streamlining and clarifying your data will allow for decisive action to anticipate and resolve urgent campus issues.


Easily identify concerns around bias, discrimination, and equity across different subpopulations on campus.

Just some results of past clients of Kai Analytics Include: 

Facilitated Support

for the restructuring committee from the university community and board of trustees 

Increased student satisfaction rates to


From a few hundred to over


student courses evaluation comments.

​They are all quickly cleaned, parsed and categorized and analyzed

Improved online survey response rates to 


Developed distinct student personas for the university marketing team using 

Real student interviews

How does it work? 

Easy Onboarding

Whether your data is stored in online surveys, feedback forms, recorded interviews, Excel, Word, or another format, our data-agnostic method means that we can put your data to work. 


Unlike other text analysis organizations, we don’t require clients to subscribe to a software service, train your staff, or add programming to your servers.


This means that you get the results faster, cheaper, and without burdening your team. 

Your custom text analysis has three simple steps: 



Choose any format to present your data to our team.



Once the data is gathered, our team processes the text for errors and redundancies. This makes sure that everything that was submitted is processed.



Our team will develop a clear, detailed summary of the results of your data analysis. In addition, we will provide recommendations for moving forward.

We did two large qualitative analysis projects with Kai Analytics. One was to analyze over 35,000 online survey comments. What would have taken us weeks or months took them a matter of days, and we were able to use the resulting summary data and reports to inform our colleagues.

Kristen E. H, Manager, Integrated Planning & Effectiveness, Thompson Rivers University

Trusted by Educational Institutions 

A Case Study

Amidst the redesign of their course evaluation survey, Thompson Rivers University wanted to understand what their old surveys were telling them. 


Advanced text analysis cleaned, parsed, and summarized the comments into over 200 major themes across sixteen questions.


This text analysis helped the university see where they did well and where they could do better. 


Kristen E. H, Manager

Integrated Planning & Effectiveness, Thompson Rivers University

Working with Kai Analytics is like working with a member of our own team. Kevin has a lot of experience in the field of institutional research and he understands what we do. We don't need to spend a lot of time explaining the context and the nuances to Kevin - because he's worked in our field, he 'gets' what we do and we can spend our time planning solutions.

Thompson Rivers University and Kai Analytics

Dr. Mac Powell

Senior Vice President

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)

Quick, effective communication, left no stone unturned… Kai Analytics was able to analyze the raw comments from our respondents quickly to identify the biggest areas of focus. The report he produced was clear and provided us with the resources to draft an effective communique back to our community and implement the necessary changes.

NWCCU and Kai Analytics

Amar N.

Project Specialist

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

We are solving public policy research oriented problems with a business/data lens. This is a perspective that we wouldn't normally take, but made our qualitative focused research product a lot better and more focused.

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and Kai Analytics

Top educational institutions use Kai Analytics to make sense of their data. Discover how Kai Analytics helped them move forward. 

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