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Celebrating Our 5th Year as Kai Analytics

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Starting a new company is not an easy endeavor—half of new companies don’t last longer than 5 years. I am so humbled and excited that Kai Analytics is beating those odds! From a team of just one, we have now grown to a thriving company with connections all around the world, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

An illustration of a birthday cake with five candles and a banner that says "5 Years"

The leaps and bounds we’ve grown in this part year alone has been inspiring to be a part of, pointing towards an even brighter future ahead. While last year we celebrated collaborating with 23 countries, some global projects this year have now expanded that number into well over a hundred. Last year, mindful of how our international projects are growing, we decided to become an affiliate member of the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation.

We are always working to improve our qualitative analysis platform, Unigrams, and this year we brought on four capstone students to enhance it—an effort we’re already seeing the fruit of as we now are able to offer a new tree map tool in Unigrams. We also created a beautiful company video to help share our services with the world and held our very first company retreat, bringing together staff members from across Canada.

We’ve worked on some fantastic projects this past year, and one we’ve been able to share publicly is our work on community consultation for the East African Regional and Thematic Hub (EARTH) project, which serves as a great example of how data analytics can help amplify stakeholder voices. To improve our project management as the complexity and volume of our work increases, we educated ourselves on results-based management for more thou

ghtful and goal-oriented planning. Our clients have given us some fantastic feedback this year, and on G2 we now rank 2nd out of 86 companies in Marketing Analytics Services, 3rd out of 153 in market research services, and 4th out of 459 in Business Intelligence (BI).

We know that we wouldn’t be here today without the steadfast support of our staff, clients, advisors, and friends. Looking at the next year, some exciting things wait for us on the horizon. I just completed my first trip to India to attend the WHO Global Summit on Traditional Medicine, and I’m hoping we’ll see more opportunities to make connections around the world. On a similar front, we’re currently in the process of expanding our reach further into the international stage. We can’t wait to discover all that the future has in store for us. Thank you to all who have been there with us since the start and beyond!

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