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Kai Analytics Turns 4 — Thank You to All Who've Helped Us So Far!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

On August 27th, Kai Analytics and Survey Research Inc. turned 4 years old! I’m beyond proud of everything my team and I have accomplished and am grateful for all the successful collaborations we’ve enjoyed over the past four years.

Image of a map with lines connecting Kai Analytics' location (Vancouver, BC) with the 23 countries they have worked with. Text: Celebrating Four Years of Success. As we celebrate another four years of togetherness, trust, and hard work we thank our clients and look forward to their support and good wishes. 4.9/5 in Customer Satisfaction (on Ranked 2nd our of 430 in Business Intelligence on Top 10 our of 114 in Market Research on 10 Million words analyzed: enough to fill 18 copies of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables. Over 23 Countries served. 6 languages represented:  Japanese, Chinese, French, Farsi, Spanish, Hebrew

First, I would like to extend a big thank you to our partners in the over 23 countries that we’ve had the privilege of working with over these past few years. As we were putting the pins on the map, I realized we’ve worked on projects in every continent except Oceania (Hello Australia and New Zealand, we’re ready for you!). When the world is your workplace, one of the most exciting things is the interesting mix of culture and diversity that comes along with it. Although the past two years have restricted our ability to travel, the data we work with – whether it’s the aspirations of young people around the world, staff concerns at the workplace, or customer feedback on a product – has helped bring us closer to the people we’ve worked with. The data represents real people’s opinions, and we thank them for taking their time to share their thoughts with us.

As a company focused on continuous improvement, I wish to thank our clients for the feedback. With 4.9 stars out of 5 in satisfaction, we’re now placed 2nd of 430 companies in Business Intelligence Consulting Providers and 9th in Market Research Services Providers on G2. Thank you for putting your faith in our quantitative and qualitative analytical capabilities!

Our technology stack in Natural Language Processing has resulting in the release of our qualitative analytics tool, Unigrams, which has been responsible for processing over 10 million words – enough to fill 18 copies of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. As part of our 4th anniversary celebration, all new Unigrams signups will have access to analyze 4,000 comments for free. Please visit to create your free account or reach out, as our staff are ready to help on-board you for your success. We’re open with our technology so if you wish to learn more about the science behind it and build your own NLP pipeline for your team, you can learn more about our customized one-on-one or group full-day workshops as well.

When I worked in higher education, I was very lucky to have worked at universities that looked out for my well-being and a mentor who supported my professional development. As a result, I have mirrored and prioritized this kind of support for my staff as well. I’m proud to share that, since spring of this year, Kai Analytics employees have access to comprehensive health care which includes extended vision, dental, and paramedical care such as naturopathic medicine and chiropractic care. Over the past few years, current and former staff also have access to full certificate programs with BrainStation, Pinnguaq, Alacrity Canada, and the First Nations Information Governance Centre (FNIGC).

I’m proud to announce that we’ve become an official Microsoft Partner, and you can find our Business Profile here: Find the right app | Microsoft AppSource. We are actively working towards achieving our Data Science specialization, which means we will be able to provide you and your organization with cloud migration services and data science/machine learning pipelines using one of the most reliable and secure enterprise solutions in the market: Azure. Microsoft Azure enables us to help you and your organization harness invaluable insights from your data on a platform that is cost-effective, scalable, and secure.

Next, I want to take a moment to thank my core team: Colin (data science/devOps), Kuldeep (devOps), Lorina (copy editing), Aria (project management), Aman (design) and Olivia (research) for their hard work each day. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish all that we have to date. Furthermore, I want to thank our specialist consultants, past and present, who bring along their expertise to our company: Adriana, Cole, Stessie, Toshiko, and Nilan. A thank you to our 2022 Canada Summer Jobs intern, Stephanie, for her general assistance in web development. I want to thank our professional service providers: Our legal representative (lawyer) Geoff Mason at Miller Thomson LLP; our corporate accounting firm, Tony Hsu Accounting; and insurances underwriting from Brian So. Lastly, a special thanks to the National Research Council of Canada (NRC IRAP), whose advice, connections, and funding support for our R&D initiatives have been immense, as well as all our advisors who have shared their knowledge with us in the past: Dr Mac Powell, Shakir Karim, Hisako Takahashi, Dr. Jenn Weaver, and Dr. Miikka Silfverberg.

I am looking forward to what our team at Kai Analytics will achieve over the next four years and am incredibly eager to continue connecting with more corners of the world through data. Once again—our sincere thanks goes out to all our clients who have been so wonderful to work with every step of the way. We couldn't do this without you!

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