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Learning and Sharing: Why We Became a BCCIC Affiliate Member

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

As we work with more and more international partners, we realized it would make sense for us to join a community where we can learn from and collaborate with similar organizations, which is why we became an affiliate member of the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC). The BCCIC is a coalition of international cooperation organizations, civil society groups, and individuals united in their goal towards building and realizing a sustainable, equitable, just, and socially inclusive world. We believe this is an important step to improving our reach, connecting to potential partners, and increasing our cultural sensitivity – a crucial element of our data collection processes.

What is the BCCIC?

With 28 organizational members, over 100 individual members, and over 3000 participants, the BCCIC has an extensive network of people working to create and maintain a sustainable impact in international cooperation and social responsibility. From Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan to the University of Victoria’s Centre for Asia Pacific Initiatives and Food for the Hungry, the BCCIC boasts an impressive range of international cooperation members that Kai Analytics is humbled to be associated with.

The BCCIC logo: A wave above the letters BCCIC beside the words "BC Council for International Cooperation The logo uses a dark sage green against white colour scheme.

Why We Joined BCCIC

In the past four years since our founding, we’ve been able to become involved in a broad range of projects that have a positive impact on the world. We’ve analyzed data on perspectives on climate change spanning across multiple continents, grappled with how to improve the agricultural supply chain for coffee farmers in the Philippines, and created an infographic dashboard for the UN Office of Disaster Risk Reduction, to name just a few of our projects.

We know we’ve grown in our cultural sensitivity and international expertise because of these endeavours, and we know that we have even more to learn. Joining the BCCIC provides us with an opportunity to share our experience and learn in these areas from like-minded organizations and individuals.

What This Means for the Future

Our team is continually making efforts to expand our reach and impact in the world of international cooperation and development, guiding us to seek out organizations like the BCCIC with similar overarching goals. As both Kai Analytics and the BCCIC are based in Vancouver, there are opportunities for fruitful in-person collaborations and attendance at workshops, meetings, and conferences that our team is sincerely looking forward to as we seek to make meaningful contributions to the BCCIC network and mission. As our company grows, so will the connections we make and our capacity to offer more to the world in the name of peace and cooperation.


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