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Introducing Kai Analytics' New Company Video

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

We are so excited to unveil our new company video!

This video briefly explains who we are, how we operate, and how we help our clients manage their data. While it would be impossible to cover everything we do in one video, it captures some of the most common reasons why our clients choose us to help guide them through the sometimes-messy world of data management.

Why the New Video?

When Kai Analytics started out, the entire company was just one person, Kevin “Kai” Chang, leveraging the knowledge he built over the years in data science to carry out surveys and analyze qualitative data. Since then, we’ve added multiple team members from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, and our experience has enabled us to offer more services. Some solutions we made an official part of our offerings in 2022 include data science web app development and natural language processing workshops, and we know we're excited to provide a wider range of knowledge and experience to our clients.

Considerations in Crafting our Message

While we were working with UpMedia Video through the iterative process of scripting and filming, there were several points we wanted to keep in mind so that our video would reflect the culture of our company and our most important values. In addition to showcasing the breadth of our services, the following factors influenced the final product:

  • Our team actively participated in the creative process. Our team brings so much creativity and insight to the table, and we wanted to show that there are real people who work hard to make sure all our projects run smoothly. Although machine learning may be crucial to our business, we would be lost without a human touch!

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) is a big part of our work. We work with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds, and we wanted to ensure the scenes in the video captured that.

  • We wanted to create an opportunity for clients to envision what it's like working with us. While we couldn't feature every kind of obstacle our clients face, we believe the video portrays a common story of challenges with data that many can relate to.

From Script to Final Product

To capture the scenes with our employees, we brought four of our team members to our Vancouver office to film and were delighted to have Netflix actor Kenji Scott join us. We definitely recommend filming a video as a team-building exercise—we were able to work together in a way not usually included in our daily activities. With much gratitude to UpMedia Video’s expert direction and editing, we are truly pleased with the final product and are thankful for the experience of working together to create something that truly represents the heart of Kai Analytics.

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Kaya Nava
Kaya Nava
May 02, 2023

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