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Use of Blockchain Transactional Technology by Philippine Coffee Growers

Updated: Apr 29

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Kai Analytics, in collaboration with Yave.io and Kalsada Coffee, are pleased to announce that they are the recipients of a $18,000 (CDN) joint research grant from the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada). Funding is backed by the Government of Canada, through APF Canada’s “APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership” program.

Kai Analytics - Baguio and the Kalsada Coffee Company

The focus of the collaboration’s research will be to examine the application of blockchain transaction technology to provide democratization and transparency for Philippine coffee growers. Blockchain transaction technology provides an online secure framework for sharing ledgers and transactions, enhancing record keeping veracity while saving time. In the future, this technology can be leveraged to create automatic digital payments in conjunction with trade.

When completed in June 2018, the research will provide recommendations for government and business leaders from APEC participants. The research and its recommendations will be presented at a workshop to be held in Manila convening Canadian APEC policy experts; and micro- small-, and medium-size entrepreneurs (MSMEs).

About the Transatlantic and Transpacific Research Collaboration

Kai Analytics, a cloud-based consulting firm- founded by Kai (Kevin) Chang, specializes in data visualization, survey research, and process automation. Their advanced survey research leverages machine learning to understand customer, employee, product and brand feedback.

Yave.io is a technology startup developing a blockchain system to address the direct challenges of transparency in the specialty coffee supply chain -efficient traceable trade. Scott Tupper is the founder and CEO of Yave.io and of Onda Origins Coffee. He is joined by enterprise software engineer Dan Carlson.

Kalsada Coffee is a Philippines-based coffee company co-founded by Lacy Audry and run by a team of women entrepreneurs championing Philippine specialty coffee. Kalsada’s top priority is to support Filipino coffee producers and their dedicated efforts to bring quality coffee to market.

About the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is dedicated to strengthening ties between Canada and Asia with a focus on expanding economic relations through trade, investment and innovation; promoting Canada’s expertise in offering solutions to Asia’s climate change, energy, food security and natural resource management challenges; building Asia skills and competencies among Canadians, including young Canadians; and, improving Canadians’ general understanding of Asia and its growing global influence.

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