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"It's so great to finally meet you!"

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Kai Analytics 2021 Team Meeting

At Kai Analytics, the last two years have marked a pivotal period of growth, both as a team and as a business. Our company has grown from a dream into a team of dedicated analysts, designers, and business people united with a common goal of making qualitative data accessible.

Over the past year, Kai Analytics added a couple of new faces who joined the team during a period of remote work. So, while we’ve gotten to know each other from the comfort of our own homes, many of us haven't had the chance to meet in “real life” just yet.

With quarantine restrictions easing in BC, we seized the opportunity to meet in person once again, some of us for the first time. We got to know each other better over shared meals, collaborate in shared workspaces on projects that are important to us, and discuss the future of Kai Analytics and qualitative data.

For those members of our team living farther afield, we hope to see you as soon as possible and look forward to seeing your smiling faces.

Kai Analytics team members sit in a video conference room. Three team member including Kevin sit around a table, while two other team members join from a video screen.

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