We're a Vancouver-based Market Research Firm Leveraging Machine Learning Techniques to

Help Companies Quickly Understand Thousands of

Open-Ended Customer Feedback Responses

Our Process

1. Survey Design

With you through every step of the process from survey design to deployment. Spend less time preparing your survey and more time addressing the needs of your customers.

Our validated and reliable surveys can help you target specific industries or social-demographic segments in over 100 countries.

2. Data Automation

Whether it's customer satisfaction surveys, online reviews, user feedback, focus groups, or reams of excel files, we can aggregate it all.

We can build integrations between your CRM and survey platform so you will have the most up-to-date insight on your customers.

3. Text Analysis

We process the raw text for spelling, grammar, remove redundant articles and particles, and standardize words so they're machine ready.

From sentiment analysis to thematic extraction (categorization), we will quickly analyze it all and perform customer segmentation on the results.

4. Reporting

Our full analysis will be summarized into a final report supported by engaging data visuals. We can also build PowerPoint slides and interactive dashboards.

Once deliverables are submitted, we will schedule a web meeting to walk you through the results and answer your questions.

A true white glove service.


Who We Help


Employees are the key advocates of a company. Promote employee engagement by addressing concerns early on to minimize turnover

Product Management

Understand customer satisfaction to save time and resources when prioritizing updates or new features. Test these insights against your competition.

Evaluate student satisfaction and learning. Collect the voice of faculty, staff, and external stakeholders to guide strategic planning.

Text analysis of healthcare - patient sa

Health Care

Actively monitor patient wellness and satisfaction pre- and post-consultation. Distribute timely surveys to measure quality of life and compliance with medical intake.


Enhance language around the position of your product or brand; highlight what customers love; and address misconceptions to improve conversion.


How We Help

Realistic survey research

There’s way more to surveys than a 10-point scale. 


We thrive on understanding the specifics of your goals and your community. Once we lock in on the information you truly need, we leverage cited academic research and our experience distilling data for the biggest companies in the world to build your survey. 


Methods like discrete choice experiments and conjoint analysis are used to build surveys that are valid and reliable to measure what matters most to your organization. 


Actionable Insight Narratives 

Not just data. Insight.


Amidst the thousands of comments, we provide text analysis to uncover a wide-range of areas for improvement, as well as hidden themes that allow your team to engage your community in the ways they care about. 


Tools are great. But until graph charts learn how to display the unspoken needs of your stakeholders and bar graphs figure out how to display the human heart, you need human interpretation of data.

Team-Ready Reportage

Product Engineering. Strategy. Administration. Research. Marketing and Sales. 


We’ve helped leading technology companies like Bing, TechSmith (makers of Camtasia and Snagit) and Canada’s leading universities to prioritize their next big move. 


The voice of your community is a powerhouse. Finding hidden pearls--those feedback or comments that pinpoint to the exact items your organization can quickly act on--is 'rocketful' for growth and building loyalty among your stakeholders. Let’s get there together!

Our Clients


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