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We understand the need for a global voice

Kai Analytics helps non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international non-profit organizations (NPOs) conduct effective global surveys, collecting insights from disadvantaged and marginalized communities in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa to give a real voice to policy.

  • Climate Adaptation

  • Community Willingness to Adopt New Policies

  • Sustainable Food Systems

  • Market Access for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

  • Gender-Based Analysis

  • Digitalization and Impact on Youth Entrepreneurs

  • Grant Writing

Learn How We Collect Real Insights From Real People Around The World

What Your Agency Can Expect

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We deliver more than just graphs and statistics. We interpret data to support policy hypotheses and actions. We put numbers to action, predict the likelihood for adoption, and objectively measure the feasibility of future programs.

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We coordinate responses across multiple regions and use validated survey instruments to make sure your questions are clear and precise and respect cultural norms and sensitivities.

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We work with local, university-trained enumerators that have direct access to communities and can get reliable responses quickly. Our trusted local partners can interview the exact participant profiles you seek.  

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We have a strong track record for securing international grants. Most grants dictate the budget available for external research. We work with you to develop your proposal and work within your budget.

How We Can Help Your Agency

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Localized Surveys to Target Hard-to-Reach and Disconnected Communities

We have a network of local enumerators specially trained in socio-demographic research techniques who collect validated information from communities affected by extreme climate events, people of all literacy levels, and hard-to-reach places around the world. 


When online surveys are not an option, our enumerators can reach out by phone, or conduct in-person interviews to fill your survey instrument.

South Asia: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan Sri Lanka, and more.

Africa: Burundi, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and more.


Policy-Focused Recommendations Informed by Data Science for the International Development Community

Kai Analytics provides more than just graphs. We leverage our expertise with machine learning and natural language processing technologies to objectively analyze your qualitative data, turning them into policy-focused recommendations. We incorporate clear methodologies in all our reports in an easy-to-understand format.

Founder and CEO, Kevin Chang, presents policy findings at the APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership Forum hosted by the Asian Institute of Management in Manila.

Kai Analytics supports the Sustainable D

Kai Analytics supports the Sustainable Development Goals

Plan for the Future

Whether you are building human capacity or promoting climate adaptation practices, make the voice of your stakeholders heard. 


The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) rely on the input of local stakeholders to ensure success and longevity. Women Entrepreneurs and Youth are the backbone of the future, and we specialize in hearing their voices. Whether through social media (Twitter, Facebook, Online discussion boards, and etc.), over the phone, or through our network of qualified enumerators we get real answers from real people. 

Results We're Proud Of

Exceeded survey response quota by 13%, whilst ensuring a diverse sample on African youth climate adaptation.

Improved data collection techniques to allow partner coffee farmers to realize the true price of their crops.

5,000 people tuned into to watch our panel on Education and Innovation at the G20 YEA hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Showed government and NGO stakeholders how emerging technologies can be used to guide policy decisions.

Developed distinct student personas for the university marketing team using 

A Communiqué informed by our research was presented to G20 leaders.


Our Easy Onboarding Process

Your custom analysis in 5 simple steps.

1. Initial Consultation


During the discovery phase, we will review you research needs and prepare a custom proposal outlining the methodology, timeline and budget.

Kai Analytics Text Analysis for international development

2. Audience Discovery

We will develop a strategy that maximizes response variability from a diverse geographical, environmental, and social settings --including urban vs. rural; and developed vs. developing regions.

3. Survey and interview design

We will develop a survey that reflects a mix of communication channels (including mailing lists and social media) and input methods (on computers and mobile devices) ideal for your survey population. We will incorporate logic flows to minimize survey fatigue and maximize response rates.

4. Online and field response collection

We will actively monitor response rates online and with our local enumerators. Weekly updates ensures sure that responses are error-free and representative of the study's population. We will include a final report on observation and challenges identified from the field.

5. Analysis and streamline results​


We will develop a clear, detailed summary of the results of your data analysis. Our final report will include detailed recommendations tailored to your policy actions. If necessary, we can collaborate with your team to co-write the full report to meet your stakeholders' requirements.



Our initial idea to engage a contractor was to ensure a wide dissemination of a survey. However, it quickly became clear that Kai Analytics could play a much greater role. Not only did Kevin used his network to ensure a high number of responses in a very short time; he also provided large parts of both quantitative and qualitative analysis, which greatly increased the value of our study. Throughout the intensive process, Kevin flexibly made himself available, and also demonstrated a great team working spirit.


Dr. Chan

Senior Researcher, Global Center on Adaptation

Kai Analytics helped us with aggregating data for a research project looking at developing the capacity of coffee-growing MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) in the Philippines. The project specifically looked at the applicability of blockchain to create transparency in the supply chain process for small scale coffee growers in Sito Belis (northern region of the Philippines).

Amar N.

Project Manager, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Kai Analytics went above and beyond while closely respecting project timeframes. Not only did they support our open-ended question analytics, but they also offered advice on best practice for survey representation, results design and outline, and report writing, in a multinational context. Kai Analytics was a key partner of the Alliance this year.



Canadian Sherpa, G20 Youth Entrepreneurs' Alliance


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