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Improving TechSmith’s Snagit by Leveraging Customer Feedback

Kai Analytics reviewed Snagit’s customer comments to make recommendations on how to improve customer experience in the next version of the software.


Snagit is a screen capture software produced by Techsmith that allows users to grab and edit screen content. It is well-loved by its 30 million users and is the world’s number one application for visual communication software. With the new version in development, TechSmith wanted to analyze 5,500 survey responses from their customers about what they liked about Snagit and what could be improved on to create an even better product in the future.

Improved satisfaction in one-third of Snagit’s users.

The speed and thoroughness Kai Analytics provided helped us understand the themes of our user’s thoughts and opinions about our product. We used those themes to prioritize future marketing, engineering, and research work to better serve our user base.

Provided recommendations on ways to enhance the language around product marketing.

What we did

  • Analyzed 5,500 customer comments

  • Developed 40 major comment categories that emerged from 6 open-ended questions

  • Provided TechSmith with data-driven insights to improve Snagit’s user experience, marketing, and software development.

Helped the development team prioritize updates and new features.

Learn how we can uncover actionable user insights.

3 Big Highlights

Identified a video capture issue

When using Snagit, customers mistakenly believed that when they failed to save a video capture the video file was lost. In the subsequent update, Snagit’s team was able to show users how to recover files from a temporary folder, thus saving them time and frustration.

TechSmith Released a New Version of Snagit

In 2019, TechSmith was able to release a new version of Snagit that was informed by their customers’ needs and desires that were identified by Kai Analytics.

Discovered that statements with “$” sign and the word “email” resonated best with customers in ads

When customers of various seniority (ranging from middle managers to CEOs) were presented with a variety of statements about Snagit, the statements that resonated best were the ones that included the “$” sign and the word “email” in them. This insight helped Snagit optimize their marketing strategy.

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