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A Beginners Guide to Qualitative Data Analysis

Our Free Qualitative Analysis 101 Guide


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In this guide, you'll learn the basics and best practices needed to start analyzing qualitative data using open source tools like Excel and Python:

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Qualitative Analysis 101

Why Download Our Qualitative Analysis Guide?

Qualitative data can be a rich source of insight into consumer and stakeholder groups. When analyzed efficiently, qualitative data can be used to quickly understand the important feedback of key segments and inform strategic decision-making.


Download this guide to learn about:

  •  Writing effective open ended questions for your survey, and how best practices impact qualitative analysis.

  • Basic data pre-processing and processing methods.

  • Analysis methods using tools in Excel and Python.

    • Basic qualitative analysis in Excel​.

    • Building a simple qualitative analysis pipeline in Python.

    • Segmentation in Excel.

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