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Every single issue of A Bag of Words ever, living here all in one space.

Data on a Touch Pad
VOL. 7

This month we wrote a blog post on data visualization strategies and how qualitative analysis can transform student course reviews into action plans.

Filling Out a Form
VOL. 4

In this issue you will find an article on designing ethically and culturally sensitive surveys, and a chance to voice your opinion. 

Programming Console
VOL. 6

Summer is just around the corner, and it looks like it is going to be a busy time for Kai Analytics. We’ve got events to attend, blogs to share, and data to analyze!

kai analytics text analysis service.png
VOL. 3

A Bag of Words is back and we are excited to share open-ended survey research tips with you!

VOL. 5

In this issue you will find a thorough guide explaining natural language processing and an introduction to our new qualitative data analysis platform Unigrams

vol 2.jpeg
VOL. 2

With the school year starting, we share benefits of text analysis in a virtual class setting, survey results on the approaches to text analysis in higher education, and more!

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