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Actionable Insights: Naturally and Effectively.

We’re a Vancouver-based Market Research Firm leveraging Machine Learning technologies to help organizations quickly understand thousands of open-ended customer feedback responses.

Introducing Kai Analytics and Survey Research Inc.

Introducing Kai Analytics and Survey Research Inc.

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Our Process

Survey Design | Kai Analytics

We are with you through every step of the process from survey design to deployment. Spend less time preparing your survey and more time addressing the needs of your customers. 

Data Automation | Kai Analytics

We help you avoid data silos by integrating all of your data from surveys, online reviews, user feedback, and major systems together.

Qualitative Data Analysis | Kai Analytics

We use a custom-made qualitative analysis platform powered by natural language processing to quickly and efficiently parse and analyze your qualitative data.

In addition to final report that contains engaging data visuals and infographics, we also walk you through the results and provide actionable recommendations.